Why I Love My Job & Paleo Wedding Cake

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Crystal's Wedding with Paleo Carrot Cake by WickedGoodKitchen.comIt’s My Life: Talk, Talk
Why I Love My Job

Today, I wanted to share something special with y’all. Something that is recipe related, but in a non-recipe post.

Ever since I had the initial design completed for my blog, I’ve had a drop-down menu bar at the top with “On the Side” as a feature department for non-recipe posts. At the time, within that department, I also included several sections or categories. One of those categories is called “It’s My Life” where I can share stories from my real life as well as other interests.

There is also a subcategory called “Talk, Talk” for, you know, chitchat stuff. Of course, as you might guess, these titles are based on the song It’s My Life by Talk Talk from the 1980s. And, you may remember that the band No Doubt released a cover version of the song It’s My Life in 2003 which became a major international hit. These categories and subcategories were included on the blog menu so that I could organize these feature stories in one place in lieu of simply relegating them to the dreaded “uncategorized” department as some blogs do. So, there you go. Now you know how I was influenced to create a category and subcategory together called, “It’s My Life: Talk, Talk” within the “On the Side” feature department in homage to a song and two bands. Thought you’d like to know!

The first post for the “It’s My Life” category was titled On Baking: My First Baking Experience for the new series I started called “On Baking” to share my earliest baking stories along with photos in the subcategory of “Childhood Memories”. I have several follow-up articles already written for this series, but I’ve been searching for the accompanying photos which are stored away—even to include photos of me and my sister to replace the photos I started with in the first article from Shutterstock.com. As we unearth decorations for the holidays, I am hoping I will finally find what I’ve been trying to locate! So, look for this series to continue around or after the holidays.

Today I thought it would be fun to share a very special story. I would like to share with you just why I love my job so much. I talked about it briefly here when I chatted up why I delayed my Drop Cookies 101 tutorial and how it proved to be well worth it because the grain-free carrot cake recipe I developed, Paleo Carrot Spice Layer Cake with Cashew-Coconut Buttercream, has been very popular as an incredibly tasty treat for those living the paleo lifestyle or with dietary restrictions such as food allergies. In fact, Sylvie, of Gourmande in the Kitchen, featured the cake in her Mother’s Day Recipe Round Up guest post for Paleo Parents.

Crystal's Wedding with Paleo Carrot Cake by WickedGoodKitchen.com

Also, I shared that Crystal, a natural chef and nutritionist, over at Zen Eats, would be using the recipe to create her wedding cake! She shares her “one-and-done” (as she calls it) kitchen baking trial in her post, from her blog Zen Eats Lifestyle, Allergy-Friendly Wedding Cake Trial! And It’s Carrot Cake! This type of work, grain-free baking and recipe development, is very rewarding for me. In fact, my latest post was for super-tasty dairy and grain-free Chocolate Chip Blondies! And, the recipe was developed especially for a very loyal Twitter follower. Recipe development for special diets is my passion and what drives me. In these instances, where my work has been featured or one of my recipes will make a difference in someone’s life—even be used to create someone’s wedding cake for their special day—I feel so honored. As I stated in that previous article I cited, “I love my job.”

I’m telling you…there is no greater feeling or reward in professional life as a recipe developer than sharing a recipe you have developed and written to share openly on your blog (with zero advertising revenue, I might add) and it making a difference in someone’s life. And, it wasn’t just anyone who would truly appreciate the recipe, it was actually an educated and trained natural chef and nutritionist your recipe impacted in such a positive way!

Without further ado, and with full permission by Crystal, I now share with you more photographs of her special day…her wedding day!

Crystal's Wedding with Paleo Carrot Cake by WickedGoodKitchen.com

Crystal's Wedding with Paleo Carrot Cake by WickedGoodKitchen.com

Crystal's Wedding with Paleo Carrot Cake by WickedGoodKitchen.com

Didn’t Crystal make a stunningly beautiful bride? So pretty! You can read more about her wedding on her blog, here: Paleo Wedding Cake! My Allergy Friendly Wedding and here: A Wedding in the Colorado Floods!

This was my comment to Crystal on her blog; October 16, 2013 at 6:01 pm:

Crystal, you were (are) a gorgeous bride! Your dress seems to reflect you perfectly…simple and elegant…just stunning! You and your hubby look so very happy together, too. Again, I’m just beaming with happiness for the two of you. When you marry your best friend, marriage is truly a magical journey. Your love, respect and gratitude for each other will grow deeper year after year much to your amazement. Thank you for sharing your wedding photos on your blog. And, I am SO GLAD your wedding cake was everything you dreamed and imagined it could be! The cake is even the perfect color for a Fall wedding. It looks so warm and pretty in that window shot by your photographer. The setting, with the wooden crates, really makes it shine and emits a warmth and autumn glow. You did such a fabulous job making it, too! She (the cake) looks all-natural and messy-beautiful…much like a messy-beautiful bun on a lovely lady with long tresses full of natural curls. I really dig all the frosting drips! So very creative of you, m’lady. And, you were so courageous to bake it in advance and freeze it! A brilliant idea or solution for brides who wish to bake their own cakes but still enjoy their special day. Thank you for the shout out via Twitter, too. I appreciate so very much! Meanwhile, I look forward to sharing more grain-free and dairy-free (paleo/vegan) recipes with you, as I just learned I’m severely allergic to dairy. In fact, I’m baking a test batch of Blondies tonight! Once again, wishing you and hubby all the best! ~Stacy XOXO

Crystal’s reply back; October 16, 2013 at 8:05 pm:

Thank you so much for the kind and beautiful words Stacy, I am over the moon with happiness! I am excited to try more of your recipes, good luck with your Dairy allergy, I am in the same boat so I know how that goes:) But with creativity, determination, and a little experimenting, our recipes don’t have to suffer. Thanks again for the congratulations! Best Wishes to you! – Crystal

Isn’t Crystal so sweet and full of positive energy? I just adore her and her blog! To read more about Crystal, visit her About Me page. To read about her services, read her Personal Chef Services page.

Thank you, my friends! Thank you for allowing me to take a little break from recipe posts to share with you Crystal’s wedding day and all about her lovely grain-free Paleo Carrot Cake Wedding Cake!






Image Credits: Shutterchic Photography

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Stacy Bryce is a recipe developer and member of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals). Her passion is developing original conventional baking recipes as well as special diet recipes to include dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free. You can follow Stacy at Pinterest.


  1. I think what you created here is extraordinary and I know I say this all the time – but you do phenomenal work, always makes me in awe!
    Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl recently posted…Asian Marinated CucumbersMy Profile

    • Aww…thank you, Pamela! As always, I appreciate your kind words, compliments and support. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  2. I am in awe of your amazing talent, sweet friend. <3
    Jen @JuanitasCocina recently posted…Homemade Steak Sauce ~ Sauce It Up #SundaySupper!My Profile

  3. Oh Stacy, that’s a fantastic story! It must be the best feeling to have that kind of confirmation to show how much someone else appreciates your wonderful work and for it to have such a great impact on their wedding day 🙂 I’m not surprised, I am always in awe of your work and what you come up with 🙂 Those are gorgeous pictures, Crystal makes a stunning bride and the cake turned out beautifully! Hope you have a great week 🙂
    Kelly recently posted…Pumpkin Dinner Buns and some NEWS!My Profile

    • Thank you for all the kind words, Kelly! You are the sweetest. Hope you are having a wonderful week, my friend! xo

  4. Wow – more amazement from you, Stacy. Truly, GREAT stuff!!!
    Dan from Platter Talk recently posted…Polenta Conciata (Oven Baked Polenta Dressed with 4 Cheeses and Cream)My Profile

  5. Maria | Pink Patisserie says:

    How wonderful to know that you are helping people in this really fantastic way! So, so rewarding! What a lovely, lovely bride, gorgeous cake and fantastic story…

    • Thank you, Maria! I appreciate your kinds words. And, yes…Crystal was (is) a gorgeous bride! She did a fabulous job making her own wedding cake, too. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful story my lovely friend. That’s the prettiest looking cake I’ve seen, so rustic and beautiful. I am in awe and I am inspired by your dedication of love for what you do. You truly are a star.
    A gorgeous looking couple they are. I love everything about this post.

    • Thank you, Asha! Crystal and her hubby make a sweet couple. The story of their wedding day, amidst the recent Colorado floods, is so heart-warming as their day was filled with many blessings and all their friends and family coming together to pitch in as all their original plans were canceled. Thanks for your support, my friend! xo

  7. Beautiful story, Stacy, and a beautiful cake! You are so dedicated to this blog, and everything you touch turns beautiful! 🙂 What are those 2 little cute things on top of the cake? Are they two owl-figurines?
    Julia | JuliasAlbum.com recently posted…Banana apple bread with caramel sauce and pecansMy Profile

    • Thank you, Julia! You say the kindest things. Crystal’s story of her wedding and her allergy-free paleo wedding cake are indeed beautiful. She was (is) a gorgeous bride! Yes, Crystal placed two owls on the top of her cake. So fitting for her all-natural take on diet and nutrition as a trained chef. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  8. Beautiful cake!! Love the little owls… Too cute!
    Mr. & Mrs. P recently posted…Bat Brain Halloween DipMy Profile

  9. What a fabulous cake! Love reading your blog and love how you use song titles to name your life posts.

  10. This is such a beautiful, heartfelt post, Stacy! My favorite kind 🙂
    ashley – baker by nature recently posted…Salted Caramel Snickers Fudge BrowniesMy Profile

  11. Beautiful story, and such an incredible wedding cake! So glad Crystal had the wedding of her dreams thanks to your recipe. It’s the absolute best kind of baking! 🙂
    Laura (Tutti Dolci) recently posted…pumpkin cupcakes with maple brown butter frostingMy Profile

  12. Congrats! I bet it can feel really rewarding to have an event like this happen! Heck, I feel validated when someone just leaves me a comment telling me they actually tried one of my concoctions! Love your chit-chat section BTW!
    Risa recently posted…Beefy Tot CasseroleMy Profile

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