Paleo Cookie Butter {gluten free, primal & vegan}

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Paleo Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter Paleo-Style: You Know You Want Some…
{Game Changer: Uber Healthy Paleo “Cookie Butter”}

Dedication: This recipe is dedicated to Averie Sunshine, the exceptional baker, sweets maker and food blogger over at Averie Cooks. Meeting you through food blogging with our shared love of baking has been a blast. Thank you for your support, Averie! xo ~Stacy

Guys, remember that paleo recipe I thought would be so easy to convert to paleo and promised was coming soon, back in January, when I posted Cookie Butter Snickerdoodles? Yeah, that one. The same one I was struggling with back in February, when I decided that chocolate chip cookies were the fix to all my kitchen disasters (read: wasted expensive ingredients) and frustration, when I ended up developing the recipe for Ultimate Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies? Well, here it is. Cookie Butter, paleo-style. Finally! A tasty, irresistible yet healthy “Cookie Butter” recipe to enjoy. With absolutely no guilt. Whatsoever. Seriously.

Paleo Cookie Butter 2

As mentioned above, this recipe is dedicated to one of my favorite baking food bloggers, Averie Sunshine, of Averie Cooks. I really think her blog should be entitled, “Averie Bakes” (LOL) because she has several baking recipes posted each week—like every day, rain or shine. Amazing!

Averie is as nutty about Trader Joe’s® Cookie Butter as I am. In fact, she has written a cookbook which will be released in early June about another nutty passion we share, peanut butter: Peanut Butter Comfort (Skyhorse Publishing; 1st edition; release date of June 4, 2013, per

So, Averie… Congratulations on the upcoming release of your first cookbook, girlfriend! This one’s for you. 🙂

Now, let’s talk cookie butter. Paleo cookie butter. Yeah, baby.

Paleo Cookie Butter 3

Are you completely enamored with Trader Joe’s® Cookie Butter? Pine for a jar of Biscoff Spread and a big ol’ spoon all to yourself? Well, this recipe is for YOU! And, especially so if you follow a paleo, primal or vegan diet and lifestyle.

Peanut butter is “the bomb”, no? I have loved it all my life. Still do. Raw homemade peanut butter cookie dough? I. Die. In fact, Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups were and still are my No. 1 favorite treat and biggest weakness. And, those TV commercials from my childhood? Priceless. I swear, they made THE BEST television commercials back then!

Check it. The most popular (and corny) Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups retro television commercial, starring Robbie Benson and Donny Most, at

Reese’s® Retro 1970s TV Commercial with Robby Benson Donny Most

Love it!

3 Secrets for Making an Exceptional Paleo Cookie Butter

The three (3) secrets for making an exceptional paleo cookie butter are to 1) include sunflower butter for a roasted peanut flavor (because the sunflower seeds are roasted to make SunButter®), 2) brown the coconut butter in ghee (or coconut oil) for a browned butter flavor profile (similar to crisp baked cookies) and 3) add melted cocoa butter for an irresistible white chocolate creamy smoothness. Combine these three (3) important steps and then add spices and mix-ins to taste. I think you should definitely get your face into this cookie butter.

Paleo Cookie Butter 4

Okay. You’re probably wondering…what song or film was Stacy listening to or watching when creating this recipe? Odds are you were not. Ha! But, I won’t even go there. I will share it with you regardless.

If you have not yet seen the fabulous film, Roll Bounce (2005), see it. Like ASAP, people. Don’t pay attention to the low 5.4 rating or the negative reviews at IMDb stating such things as “predictable”, “exaggerated”, “silly”, “corny” and “inauthentic ‘70s nostalgia-fest”. Believe the near 5-star rating at instead. Let’s just say it is authentic enough. That is, authentic enough to enjoy immensely. That trumps all the negatives. Plus, it will get you moving. And, enjoying spring. I could not stop moving to the soundtrack while making this Paleo Cookie Butter!

Paleo Cookie Butter 5

The best part of the film? (Yes, I am mushy. What’cha gonna do ‘bout it?) It’s the touching storylines that grabbed me—the father and son relationship as well as the bonding and just sheer fun between childhood friends. If you are not touched by these storylines—whether you grew up during the era or not, or whether you roller skated in your youth or not—you are not human.

The Roll Bounce Soundtrack? Outrageously good. You’ll be bouncing in your seat if you don’t jump up and start moving in your living room. Yes, I’m a rocker. With a major case of honky tonk. But, I admit it. When it comes to skating, funk and disco? And, movin’ to the beat? Well, they all go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Paleo Cookie Butter 6

Have you ever gone roller skating? It’s the best form of exercise on Planet Earth while having fun. Swear. It. For me and my sister, roller skates were our wings. We enjoyed our training and competing immensely. Even Olympic Gold Medalist, in Ladies Singles Figure Skating, Tara Lipinski (hailing from Texas but having trained in West Bloomfield, Michigan, in my home state) loved roller skating. Yeah. She openly admitted her first love was indeed roller skating—not ice skating. This tidbit came as no surprise to me or my sister. In fact, I am sure any roller skater past or present identified. Roller skating. It. Meant. That. Much.

Paleo Cookie Butter 7

Here is a photo to share with you from my roller skating days. I loved my little black dress…the beaded choker collar and the split arm sleeves…studded with crystals. Killer dress, eh? This was the 1970s guys, before there was a Vera Wang to design skating outfits for competition. The dress was made by my best skating friend’s grandmother. She designed it herself, too. Killer LBD for skating.

Stacy Skating

The photo above was taken on the night I passed three dance skating tests. The photographer was known as “Uncle Poncho” (the rink’s resident photographer) who loved photography and was the uncle to our skating pal, Kathy, who lived in Hamtramck, Michigan. He pulled me aside and snapped the photo because he cringed when my mother took her instant Polaroid shots. (I am so glad he did! My mother’s Polaroid shots have crackled from age.) My passing those three tests made big news within our skating club that night as I only had two more to pass before I could turn pro. All while in fifth grade at the tender age of 10. In fact, I had to skate with an older gentleman because there was not a single boy in our skating club that could skate me through the tests at that level. There was always a shortage of boys! Boo. Hoo.

Yes, those are braces you see on my teeth. I’ve heard all the jokes. The one in the film, Roll Bounce? “Amtrak called and they want their tracks back.” LOL!

Now, I’m going to go boogie and eat the rest of my Paleo Cookie Butter (without a shred of guilt) and try to get my fit roller skating bod of my youth back.

Paleo Cookie Butter 8

What makes our Paleo Cookie Butter wicked good?

Our Paleo Cookie Butter is a true breakthrough recipe for the paleo and primal world. Why breakthrough, you ask? First, by combining cashew butter (or favorite paleo/primal nut butter) and SunButter®, made from roasted sunflower seeds, in a 1:1 ratio, creates the same flavor and creamy-thick texture sensation of peanut butter. Swoon.

Second, a special culinary technique is employed to achieve the taste of fresh home-baked crisp cookies. No better way to do this than with browned butter, right? Think again, my dairy-free and vegan friends. Buttery browned coconut butter is created by browning the coconut fiber in ghee or coconut oil—which browns just like the milk solids do when browned butter is made. Swoon some more.

Finally, our Paleo Cookie Butter is sweetened with all-natural raw honey, made extra-creamy by the addition of melted cocoa butter (to mimic melted white chocolate) and the flavor profile is enhanced further by a touch of molasses, vanilla and spices to mimic the home-baked cookie taste. For additional sweetness, and to mimic the slight gritty texture of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter as well as the flavor of caramelized sugar found in baked cookies, coconut palm sugar is recommended. Game changer, my friends.

By simply browning the coconut butter more for deeper flavor and by adding more spices, a Speculoos Cookie Butter flavor profile can be achieved. By only slightly browning the coconut butter, and making a “blonde” version of browned coconut butter, and cutting back only slightly on the spices, a Cookie Dough Butter can be reached. Mix in some chocolate chips, chopped nuts and/or unsweetened flaked coconut, and you’ve got Cookie Butter Heaven. Life changing.

Be sure to scroll down for more photos–including images which show the color of the browned coconut butter. Also, I share some close-up photos of my favorite brands of ingredients to make our Paleo Cookie Butter. Of course, you can use your own homemade butters–even coconut butter. However, this recipe was also developed for city dwellers who may not make their own nut butters but do have a Whole Foods Market nearby. So, there is no excuse not to make this especially tasty homemade “cookie butter”, paleo-style. 🙂

Paleo Cookie Butter {gluten free, primal & vegan}

Yield: Makes over 2 cups (565 grams or over 16 ounces).

Paleo Cookie Butter {gluten free, primal & vegan}

What makes our Paleo Cookie Butter wicked good? First, by using part nut butter and part roasted sunflower seed butter (SunButter® brand) creates a peanut butter flavor profile and rich, creaminess. Second, the culinary technique of browning the coconut butter, in either ghee or coconut oil, creates a depth of flavor reminiscent of fresh baked cookies. This extra step only takes a few minutes and is worth the effort, and then some. Third, the all-natural sweetening choices of raw honey and coconut palm sugar (or pure stevia extract) along with molasses, vanilla, spices and a touch of salt, create a “cookie butter” similar in taste to raw cookie dough. It’s irresistible! Finally, the level of browning of the coconut butter creates either a good base for “cookie dough butter” flavor profile or a rich, spice cookie or “Speculoos cookie butter” flavor profile. Adjust the spices to your taste and thicken to your desires with coconut flour. Life changing, my friends. Life changing!


  • For the Cookie Butter
  • ½ cup (128 grams) favorite nut butter, almond, cashew or macadamia
  • ½ cup (128 grams) roasted sunflower butter, such as SunButter®
  • ½ cup (128 grams) raw organic coconut butter, such as Artisana®
  • ¼ cup (60 grams) organic ghee (you could also use coconut oil)
  • 4 tablespoons (84 grams) organic raw honey*
  • 1½ tablespoons (20 grams) 100% pure cocoa butter, I use Callebaut®, melted
  • 1½ tablespoons (10.5 grams) organic coconut flour, such as Tropical Traditions®
  • 1 teaspoon (5 grams) unsulphured molasses, such as Brer Rabbit®
  • 1 teaspoon (about 2 grams) pure vanilla extract, such as Nielsen-Massey®
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, such as Penzey’s® Cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground allspice
  • ¼ teaspoon freshly grated whole nutmeg
  • Generous pinch of fine sea salt
  • Coconut palm sugar or pure stevia extract powder, to taste
  • *Do not serve raw honey to children under the age of 1 year.
  • For the Optional Mix-Ins for “Cookie Dough Butter”
  • Chopped dark chocolate 70% cocoa or more
  • Gluten free semi-sweet chocolate chips, such as Trader Joe’s®
  • Chopped walnuts or pecans, toasted or not
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted or not
  • Special Equipment
  • Mini Prep Food Processor
  • Mason jar with lid, helpful but not necessary
  • Rubber spatula


Place nut butter and SunButter® into work bowl of prep food processor.

In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, melt and brown the coconut butter and ghee until golden brown, stirring constantly, about 3 minutes for a lighter “blonde” browned coconut butter or 5 minutes for a darker, rich browned coconut butter the color of dark coffee and cream. (The mixture will bubble and foam. Keep stirring.) Remove immediately from heat to prevent overbrowning or burning; stir and allow to cool until still warm (not room temp, but no longer hot). Note: It is important to remove the pan immediately when coconut butter mixture is browned to desired doneness as the residual heat will continue to cook the mixture.

Add browned coconut butter mixture to nut butter and SunButter®; process until well combined and smooth scraping down sides of bowl as necessary between pulses. The mixture will be very thin at this point. Do not worry. Add honey, melted cocoa butter, coconut flour, molasses, vanilla extract, spices and salt; process until well combined and smooth. Taste and, if desired, sweeten additionally with coconut palm sugar or pure stevia extract.

Remove work bowl from processor unit. With a rubber spatula, or the plastic spatula that came with your processor unit, scrape and pour mixture into a small to medium bowl. Cover bowl with plastic food wrap and place in refrigerator until thickened, about 1 hour. Stir halfway through chilling time for an even chill. Remove from the fridge and stir to loosen. Transfer to Mason® jar, if desired, or other covered container for storing. Before serving add and stir in favorite mix-ins as desired, about a few tablespoons each. Keep stored in an airtight container, such as a Mason® jar, in refrigerator.

Recipe Notes

Tip: This homemade cookie butter softens upon room temperature. If you wish for a thicker cookie butter, either keep it chilled or simply stir in an additional 1 tablespoon of coconut flour (or more to desired thickness).

Paleo Cookie Butter 9

Paleo Cookie Butter 10

Paleo Cookie Butter 11

Paleo Cookie Butter 12

Paleo Cookie Butter 13

Paleo Cookie Butter 14

Paleo Cookie Butter 15

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 1

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 3

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 4

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 5

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 6

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 7

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 8

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 9

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 10

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 11

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 12

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 13


Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 16

Paleo Cookie Butter Ingredients 17


About Stacy

Stacy Bryce is a recipe developer and member of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals). Her passion is developing original conventional baking recipes as well as special diet recipes to include dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free. You can follow Stacy at Pinterest.


  1. Wow so many pics of such delicious looking cookie butter! I would love to take a big taste of it. It looks so smooth and creamy!

    Love the vintage pics…so fun!

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  2. My face totally wants in on this cookie butter situation!

    • It’s a mighty fine situation, indeed! I think you should definitely get your face into this cookie butter, Ashley! You won’t regret it. xo

  3. SHUT UP! Game changer. I like the idea of cookie butter but the ingredients in Trader Joes makes me cringe. Actually I like biscoff spread better. WELL that was until I saw this. You KNOW I am making it asap. Only thing I don’t have in my pantry is the cocoa butter from Callebaut. Everything else shown – I have. oohhhh girl I want to be your neighbor!!! You did good, reallllllyyyy good!!!

    • Aww…thanks so much, Shanna! Your support means so much to me. We think so much alike, it’s kinda dangerous! Wish I was your neighbor, too. How fun would it be concocting wicked awesome baked treats (paleo or otherwise, ha!) together, with all natural ingredients (of course!), in your new gorgeous tricked out kitchen? Thanks for stopping by, girlfriend! xo

  4. HA! I love, love that pic of you in the skate outfit. I have many, many of me in my dance costumes. Also in braces. Good times.

    Obviously, being gluten-free I’ve never been able to try real cookie butter. But the thought never occurred to me to make it with my own mix-ins. Kudos to you, girl. Think it would work as a face mask? Or a body scrub. Because it looks so amazing I’d like to jump right into a tub of it. xx

    • LOL! Yes, to be a redhead with freckles and braces? When competing in dance? Fun times. For me, it was ballet in addition to skating. Well…thank you, m’lady, for the kudos! You must try cashew butter. It’s my favorite! And, do try this healthy version of homemade cookie butter. You will love it. Oh, I have it on high authority (high) that you actually CAN use paleo cookie butter as part of your daily skin care regimen. Just another way to employ the OCM (oil cleansing method) and the small micro granules act as a gentle yet effective exfoliant. HA! 😉

  5. Looks great, Stacy. I actually made low carb, gluten-free speculoos last year with the intention of making the butter, but the cookies got devoured too quickly!

    • Thank you, Carolyn! So nice to see your smiling face, here in my blog’s comments section. LOL! Yeah, that too easily happens with especially scrumptious recipe components. Same thing happened to me with a jam that was all too irresistible yet meant to be used in another recipe. Carolyn, I just know your low carb Speculoos Cookie Butter recipe will be outstanding! xo

  6. Wicked awesome is what that is. I have no words. Please pass the spoon.

  7. OMG. This would be SO dangerous in my house! It looks unbelievable!

  8. So many ingredients, but I bet the final product is totally worth it!

    • Thank you, Ashley! Read your About Me page and I just adore your blog. We have a lot in common. Happy 200th Post & 2nd Blogiversary today! xo

  9. So smart, I have to try this!

  10. I just bought my very first jar of Trader’s Joe cookie butter (in my defense, I have to drive a couple of hours til the nearest store) and now I say to myslef “If only I had seen this recipe first”
    Definitely will have to try your version once this jar is gone!
    p.s it’s the first time I see Cocoa butter. Where do you buy it from (please do not say Trader’s Joe)

    • Thank you, Roxy! Well, I am glad to hear that you are a fan of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter and that you would like to try my paleo version. It is so easy to make, incredibly addictive and oh so satisfying. The best part is you can make it to your own tastes. Like more salty-sweet? Just adjust the salt and natural sweeteners. More creamy? Add more cocoa butter. Spicier? More spices. Really recommend a good cinnamon or cinnamon blend, like Penzey’s Cinnamon. Mix in your favorite chopped chocolate and nuts or other mix-ins. (I’m working on an Oatmeal Cookie Butter version, perhaps variation, too.) To answer your question, I order my Callebaut 100% Pure Cocoa Butter by the huge tub (8.8-pound bucket) from based in Barrington, NH, USA. They offer free shipping which really helps! Just get the code from the top of their home page. Happy concocting, girlfriend! xo

  11. Stacy, I’m so glad you left a lovely comment on my blog yesterday – it led me to your cosy, beautiful corner of the foodosphere. (I need to “get out” more.) Cookie butter dethroned my former lover, Nutella, several months ago. You’re a mad-genius for coming up with this healthier version – which will allow me to enjoy it via one very happy spoon.

    P.S. I think it ought to be Averie Bakes too. 😉

    • Valerie, so happy to have met you within the food blogosphere. Your Browned Butter Strawberry Streusel Bars have been pinned to my Beautiful Photography board at Pinterest…along with Sylvie’s! You absolutely blew me away, girl. I adore strawberries and you executed your recipe, post (warm and wonderful) along with exquisite photography bathed in warm sunlight…just with a point and shoot. You ROCK! Yes, I now think there is real hope for me. LOL!

      Yes, so true! Averie’s blog should definitely be named, Averie Bakes! What’s with that? That girl is a baking machine. Love everything she does. Cookie Butter really does rule. However, I am developing a special Nutella recipe to dedicate to Kate of Diethood for all of her support. Adore her!

      Thanks again for dropping by, Valerie! I look forward to dropping by your blog to check out your fabulous baking endeavors, my friend! xo

  12. This is amazing! Cookie butter has always been my nemesis. What a great version.

  13. Averie is da bomb diggidy!! Love her! And her awesome food!
    I would also love a big spoonful of this amazing cookie butter… wow… it looks so creamy and delicious!

  14. This looks SO good!!! I think that I could eat that entire container! 😉

  15. Oh wow! I love this post for so many reasons! First, thanks for directing me to this post from Pass the Cocoa. Your roller skating photo is adorable; I love the dress so much! You’ll have to forgive me because I don’t know much about roller skating, but I had no idea you had test levels as well! And dance too — That’s my area of specialty on the ice! I know exactly what you mean with the scarcity of boys 😉 Also, this cookie butter looks super delicious. I’ve actually never tried any kind of cookie butter before, though I’ve certainly heard of it. I’ll have to try this out! Have a great day!

    • Aww…thank you, Monica! My pleasure. I love the fact that you read thru my post. Ahh, those roller skating days. Such fond memories! Yes, I took roller skating dance lessons and had a partner, too, for just a couple seasons. (The discipline of compulsory dance makes you a better skater. It is all about your body’s proper carriage, the edges and pointed toes.) And, I also competed in ladies singles (freestyle). My favorite compulsory dance moves? First, the swing rocker in the Rocker Foxtrot! Awesome move. Second favorite is the Choctaw (in the Killian dance). Both moves are turns as you probably know–one maintaining outside edge on same foot (with a swing entering and exiting the move) and the other with change of foot and edge as well. Nail those two dance moves down and you’ve got it made in the shade! My favorite ice dance couple to watch is Virtue and Moir. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

  16. Hi, I am so glad I found your webpage. I really found you by mistake while I was looking on Google for something else. Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a remarkable post and an all ’round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design). I don’t have time to read it all at the moment, but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more. Please do keep up the fantastic work.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by and say “hello”! It is enthusiastic comments like yours that keep bloggers inspired to create fabulous recipes. Once again, thank you!

  17. aviondepapier says:

    this looks delicious, but ghee and honey are not vegan!

    • LOL! But, coconut oil and agave nectar are! Never said this recipe was vegan. To make this paleo recipe vegan, simply substitute. As stated, and shown on the image, the recipe offers a “vegan option”. Cheers!

  18. Hey!! This cookie butter looks fantastic…I have never tried the TJ’s cookie butter and really want to make this but cocoa butter is unavailable in my country. What can I use instead?? Does it taste good???

    • Hi there, Elena! I’m sorry that cocoa butter is not available in your country. To answer your question… The cocoa butter makes the cookie butter smooth and have a nice mouth feel as it is the main ingredient in white chocolate. You could make this recipe without it, but it will not be exactly the same. I hope that I have answered your question thoroughly and completely. Thanks again for writing and best of luck to you on your paleo journey!

  19. Hi! I love cookie butter but am not a huge fan of peanut butter flavored things. I know I could just replace the Sunbutter with cashew butter, but before attempting this, I wanted to know: does this recipe taste exactly like real cookie butter? Most of the homemade cookie butters are good, but they don’t actually taste like the real thing. How close does this get?

    • Hi there, Ann! Thank you for writing. To answer your question, this cookie butter definitely has a roasted flavor. For this reason, as you stated, you would not like it. You are spot on in substituting cashew butter (or, you could use another mild nut butter such as macadamia nut butter) for the Sunbutter. However, since you seem to want an identical flavor to Cookie Butter, you may not like this particular recipe. It is very challenging to develop a paleo cookie butter that tastes exactly like the real deal due to the limited “legal” ingredients for paleo. The best advice I can give you is to experiment with super-small batches, taste test and take copious notes. This way, you can develop a recipe that makes your taste buds happy. Also, use the best (finest quality and freshest) spices you can find. Thanks again for writing. Good luck in the kitchen and happy holidays!

  20. its not paleo if it has soy lethicin (tjs chocolate chips)

    • Hi there, Mandy! You are correct. The TJ’s chocolate chips were in the photo as a prop. I liked the graphics and the packaging made a great photo. TJ’s chocolate chips are in our house because my husband is not paleo, and I observe the paleo lifestyle 80% of the time and reserve 20% for treats…like dairy cheese every once in a while. 😉 I really wish TJ’s, and other chocolate makers for that matter, used sunflower lecithin instead of soy. Meanwhile, I highly recommend Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips that are non-gmo, dairy free and food allergy free. Thanks for dropping by!


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