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We love knowing you are happy with the content you find here at Wicked Good Kitchen! And, we strongly believe that recipes are meant for sharing with others.

Enjoy sharing anything you find here at Wicked Good Kitchen with your friends and family. However, please follow our simple guidelines below when sharing with others:

Give credit where credit is due. Here at Wicked Good Kitchen, we invest many hours in testing our original recipes, baking, cooking, writing, food styling, photographing and entering our content online. (Not to mention all the hard work with dishwashing!) Please be mindful of this when you make the decision to share our content on your own blog, website or via social media. All we ask is that you provide proper credit and links. Here at Wicked Good Kitchen, we do our very best to trace back to the origins of each and every source as well as provide proper links. All we ask is that you do the same in return.

Link directly to our original post for a recipe when you have made a recipe exactly as it appears at Wicked Good Kitchen. If you have made small changes to one of our recipes, then credit the recipe as “adapted from” with a link to our original recipe post.

Do not share both a recipe and a photograph, simultaneously, from Wicked Good Kitchen. If you wish to share a recipe from our site (to include a direct link to our recipe post), then provide your own photo(s). If you would like to feature a photo from our site, give proper photography credit to Wicked Good Kitchen and include a direct link to our recipe post.

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