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About the Blog

Did you ever accept a difficult challenge head on without fear and full of confidence that you will somehow be victorious? And, did you suddenly find yourself on a new path—one that you never quite expected? These things happened to me and inspired the concept of launching Wicked Good Kitchen.

Writing recipes is certainly not new to me. In fact, as I mentioned earlier on my About page, I started developing recipes at a very young age and, following several successes in the kitchen, started writing a cookbook on baking in 1996. (Many of the recipes will be shared right here on this blog.) However, life sometimes can take you on a different path, but your heart and inner passions will always drive you back home on the exact path where you belong. I once read that food beckons you, not vice versa. No truer words have been a constant in my life.

In the fall of 2011, a simple request was messaged to me via my husband from one of his team members. Her name is Kathy and her request was simply for a healthier version of the All-American Chocolate Chip Cookie. The only stipulation was that I could not use nuts or nut flours. Right there, the challenge became great because I could not use my go-to protein-packed, nutrient-rich nut flours.

What resulted (several “hockey pucks” later!) was a scrumptious gluten free version of the All-American Chocolate Chip Cookie. Kathy was elated! My original recipe for Gluten Free Crispy & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies can be found here.

About the Blog Name

Why Wicked Good Kitchen? I am so glad you asked!

Plain and simple, the name fits because sometimes we want our food to be good for us diet- and nutrition-wise and yet sometimes we want our food to be as wicked as wicked gets. We are only human. The mission of my blog is to strike a healthy balance with recipe offerings that are good for us (what we should be eating 80% to 90% of the time) and those we indulge in as treats (what we should only be eating up to 10% to 20% of the time).

In addition, I have made it my personal mission to support the gluten free community by developing, testing and publishing original gluten free recipes right here on my blog for easy access. Furthermore, whenever possible, I will be sharing helpful resources with my readers concerning the gluten free lifestyle. Living a gluten free, grain free or low sugar lifestyle should not leave anyone feeling deprived.

Finally, the name is a play on words of sorts. Some of the recipes here at Wicked Good Kitchen are so good they taste sinfully wicked—even though the recipe is geared toward a specific special diet and is surprisingly healthy for us. With most baking recipes, I will strive to provide options for both traditional and gluten free versions.

Make no mistake. All of the recipes here at Wicked Good Kitchen are wicked good for a reason! Those reasons have been carefully thought out and are presented along with our recipes. Whether the recipe is wickedly simple and innovative or just so good it tastes sinful, the benefits of our recipes will always be pointed out so that you know what to expect when you replicate them in your own home kitchen. This is the goal of Wicked Good Kitchen. We wish to inspire you to create good, healthy, nutrient-rich foods to nourish you as well as provide some wickedness along the way to nourish your soul when you need it most.

About the Blog Design

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I simply adore everything vintage. Everything. And, I love cherries. Everything. From Bakelite cherry jewelry to fresh Montmorency cherries from my native Michigan and traveling “up north” to Traverse City, to buy cherries to use in my Red Tart Cherry Cobbler, I simply adore cherries. Therefore, I found it rather fitting to design my blog with a vintage vibe complete with a vintage fruit and cherries theme. I am completely enamored and enthralled with vintage children’s literature, vintage children’s books from the Golden Era of Illustration (especially everything Alice in Wonderland with illustrations by Sir John Tenniel), vintage postcards and trade cards from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau eras, and everything up to post World War II and Mid-Century “Mad Men era”. I have collected and traded these for years and have a vast collection of digital images that I have restored as part of my vintage paper passion and hobby. Yes, I am a woman and I even collect pinups! Gil Elvgren is my absolute favorite pinup artist. By far. I even use one of his pinups as my Gravatar and she’s holding a cherry pie ever so enticingly!

As a child, I was drawn to the TV show Bewitched and watched the reruns. I admired Samantha Stephens. And, I simply adored actress Elizabeth Montgomery. (I even have a board dedicated to her over at Pinterest.) Yes, when I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up and have a life like Samantha Stephens. I wanted her domestic lifestyle. I wanted to love my husband with the same passion Sam did. I wanted her diamond pave heart pendant. I wanted her house—but, with the pool she had in one episode where she freaked out Mrs. Kravitz by diving into said pool they really didn’t have. I wanted her kitchen with those really wicked oven doors that flew open upwardly like a DeLorean. And, yes…I admit it. It would really come in handy to have Sam’s witchy magical powers, to twitch and wiggle my nose, and suddenly my kitchen would be sparkling clean, to include all the messy dishes, following recipe testing! There. It is out there now. Now you know.

But, do you know what I really wanted? Yep. I really wanted Darrin’s über cool job as a young executive at an advertising firm. How totally wicked would THAT be? All the perks Darrin enjoyed (travel, wining and dining clients, etc.) seemed like fun. But, what really got me going was the creative aspect of his work. When they brought this aspect into the show’s scripts, I was swooning! Loved when Samantha got involved because it proved to me that girls are just as smart (or even smarter, ha!) than boys when it comes to something like, oh I don’t know, conceiving an entire marketing campaign to sell soup? (By the way, it was because of my desire to have Darrin’s job that I studied advertising and marketing in college!) Samantha was beautiful and smart. She was also loving, charming and sexy as all get out. You may notice that from time to time that I have adopted Sam’s exclamation, “Oh, my stars!” Yeah. It is my OMG.

Now, knowing my love for vintage and everything Bewitched, is it any wonder that I simply am enamored with AMC’s Mad Men? (For me, it was as if they wrote an entire treatment for a series around Darrin Stephens from Bewitched!) Or, is it any wonder that I was absolutely smitten with ABC TVs Homefront series? (Yes, I am still infatuated with Kyle Chandler since his Homefront and Early Edition days!) So, is it really any wonder that I went for the Mid-Century design of my blog? Think of it like this…the design is what it would be if Samantha Stephens started a food blog in 2012 with a vintage flair. There. Now you know.

Having been inspired by both the signage and typography of the era, I designed my own logo, tagline and grab button. I had been torn with which way to go design-wise. Should I go really wicked rock and roll? Love it, live for it. Should I go grunge? Very cool. Or, should I go vintage fairytale like ABC TVs Once Upon a Time with Tim Burton-esque curly vines and wicked craggy tree limbs throughout the design? Swoon! Or, should I go Victorian era and get all into black lace or go Steampunk and apothecary about it? Delicious. The truth is I love it all. I am very attracted to all of those design aesthetics as it is all pure eye candy for me. It was a difficult decision, but I went with Mid-Century. (I have so many options for redesign, though, don’t I?) I love the kitchens of the Mid-Century era and all the kitchen gadgetry that went with them. In fact, the era stands out as one of the best in design. Ever.

Most importantly, I noted that Wicked Good Kitchen would be unique in the food blogging field as no one out there was, or is, really executing a design quite like this one. Overall, I really enjoy the homey and kitchen-y feel of Wicked Good Kitchen and I hope you do as well!

About the Photography

At this time, as I launch my blog, I am a novice food photographer using my trusty Sony Mavica “point and shoot” to capture the photographs. My sincere hope is that by working on the blog on a day-to-day basis, by reading more about food photography from experts in the field, by learning new skillsets and by investing in the appropriate photography equipment for my skill level, such as a quality DSLR camera and some fancy-schmancy lenses when I am good and ready, that someday soon I shall earn my pilot’s license and hop into the cockpit to fly such a marvelous machine. For now, however, I shall enjoy every moment of capturing images of my recipes with a simple click from my kitchen to post here at Wicked Good Kitchen to share and for all to enjoy. My hope is that one year from now I can look back and see how far I have come. What an incredible journey this will be in the food world and food blogosphere itself. I am always thrilled with taking on new challenges (sometimes, the more difficult the better) and I am not shy about diving right in and giving it my all!

Are you still here? You still want to read even more about me? Well, there is more…just in case you’re interested.

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Thank you for visiting Wicked Good Kitchen and thank you for your interest!


Black and white photo of vintage housewife opening freezer from Shutterstock. All other vintage images are in the public domain.